Rover Robot




This is specially designed for kids at affordable prices.It has four metal dc geared motors mounted with four 70mm diameter wheels driven using L298 driver chip and Arduino Uno is used as brain of the robot.Its chassis is 2mm thickness Mild steel  router cut and powder has on-board Bluetooth module and two IR obstacle avoidance sensors ,one in front and one at the the back.This robot can be easily controlled any Android Bluetooth based phone using Bluetooth app which is available on google play for can also be fitted with GPS for GPS based navigation if needed GPS is not included in Kit.The Robot comes fully programmed and tested.Extra sensors can be added  with ease.

Pack Includes:

Completely Assembled and Tested Robot with Following:

1)Robot Chassis made of mild steel  -1no.

2)Robot Wheels 70 mm diameter wheels       – 4 nos.

3)all metal gear high torque motors 1v volt 15 Amp  -4nos

4)Arduino Uno Board  -1no

5)L298 based Motor Controller Board  -1no

6)Ultrasonic Range Finder Sonar Module Mounted on Pan and Tilt Mechanism with 2 Servo Motors. -1 set


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