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This is 17 DOF Humanoid Robot constructed using Alcrylic 3mm Thickness Lasercut Torso and 3D Printed Standard servo bracket set all manufactured by Danuc Robotics India.Motors used are double ball bearing metal gear 15 kg-cm torque servo motor standard size motor. controller used is standard Arduino Mega 2560 sandwitched upon with servo controller board with on board DC – DC controller and operable with 30 cell Lithium Polymer battery which is sold with the Robot.It is very good as Education toll for robotics.It is also good for Robot fight competitions,since it can be programmed to do any sort of actions with Inverse Kinematics code.It has on-board Inertial measurement sensors which are usable with the code.

This KIT  contains:

1) Fully assembled 2mm Thickness Robot Torso with 50mm tall  studs  – 1 set

2)Lipo 30 Cell Battery.

3)Complete Servo Erector set for two legs and Hands.

4)Arduino Mega 2560 Robot Controller – 1 no.

5)Servo Controller Shield sandwiched on top of Arduino Mega 2560  -1 no

6)Battery Charger included  -1no

7)Ultrasonic Range Finder mounted on Tilt and Pan Mechanism -1 Set.

8)IK Based Fully Tested Software 

9) Standard size Double ball bearing ,metal gear 15 kg torque Servo Motors 17 nos.

10)3mm ID 8mm OD Flanged Bearings on each Motor Pivot.

11) 9 DOF Innertial Measurement Unit with Accelarometer, Gyro, Magnetometer sensors.


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