Danuc Humanoid Robot Build

March 21, 2017

This Post will show you how to build small sized working humanoid robot. watch our video at following link.we built this robot in end of 2013. This is the Humanoid walking video: This is the Humanoid Dance video: One can use Aluminum or 3D Printed plastic brackets to build best possible Humanoid Robot […]


Danuc Quadruped Robot Build

March 21, 2017

   Above images show the type of Servo brackets used to build Quadruped        Robot.    The Below images show how to mount servo motor on to multipurpose servo bracket.     I will upload more images later so that it will give complete idea of the build process.  


How to use servo brackets to built 3 DOF robot legs

March 19, 2017

This post will describe how to built robot limbs using servo bracket set, screws or fastners and flanged bearings.using basic images one should be easily be able to build  robot limbs. These robot limbs are usable on various types of quadruped robots ,hexapod robots in round or straight configurations. Tools needed are pliers and screw […]

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How to Setup a Serial Console Connection using PuTTy

March 17, 2017

Applicable Version: 15.01.0 onwards Overview A serial connection can be established between any SF Device and a PC using a console/serial cable (a cable with a 9 pin DB is supplied with the SF Device). PuTTy, an open source SSH and Telnet client, can be used to setup a serial connection. To download PuTTy, click […]


Testing HC-05 bluetooth module using Arduino UNO as serial to USB converter

March 17, 2017

This post is for those who want to build a Bluetooth controlled robot but do not know how to test HC-05 bluetooth module, whether it is working or not with android phone and bluetooth control app. we have to use Arduino UNO as serial to USB converter by removing the Atmega 328 chip from the […]

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Blutooth Controlled Rover Robot

March 15, 2017

  BO DC Motor and wheels set This is my first post and i hope you all will like it.this robot i have built several times for Engineering and science college final year students here in India. The Above Pics show the list of components needed and the schematics of how to connect Arduino Uno […]

Robot for Kidz